Who Is Apostle R.D. Warren Jr. Aka "The Wealth Connoisseur"?

Apostle R.D. Warren aka “The Wealth Connoisseur” is the Founder and Pastor of GPTOutreach. Warren’s heart is giving to the community, but found that handing out resources and not teaching people how to create resources was doing a disservice to God’s People! Apostle R.D. has an anointing for wealth and decided to birth out millionaires through the power of biblical teaching from the bible to continue building the Kingdom. 

Iraq & Afghanistan
Fighting Death
Tumor & Stage 4 Lung Cancer
Fighting Lies
Insurance Fraud Allegations
Fighting for the Kingdom

Iraq & Afghanistan

In 2007, Apostle Richard Warren volunteered to work  with the Dept of Defense and was successful. From 2007-2013 He was in Iraq and Afghanistan volunteering during the war. But after much success he would be called by God to fight a physical fight within his own body Stage 4 Lung Cancer!

Brain Surgery

In 2014, Warren was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor and had to have it removed from his Brain. Even though he survived, the damaged was already done. The tumor sitting on his optic nerve caused him to lose a significant amount of vision. This is the reason for his iconic specs that he is known to wear in many colors.

After his surgery he was yet again diagnosed with another health issue STAGE 4 LUNG CANCER! Even though he was close to losing his life, he won this battle and was now strong to fight a new one: SLANDER AND LIES

Famous by Fraud

In 2014, Apostle Richard Warren and his wife Miriam were both detained and arrested in Wilmington, NC for alleged insurance fraud. Even though they were innocent their name spread quickly around the country via news outlets and media. 

He and his wife’s name had been tarnished and dragged through the mud for almost a decade before being proven INNOCENT OF ALL CHARGES. In 2023 all charges were finally dropped and THE CASE WAS CLOSED!

When God Re-Names You

Richard Warren had been called by God since he was a young child and it took over three decades to process the “Called boy” into the “Processed and Chosen” Man. After much affliction Warren answered the call of opening up an Outreach center that feeds the hungry and helps the helpless and the hopeless. He was named an Apostle of the Lord officially and GPTOutreach was born. But God was not done renaming him and clearing his name. There was another call that Warren would be challenged to answer “BECOMING THE WEALTH CONNOISSEUR”!

The GLOW UP and Rebrand

Apostle R.D. Warren Jr. has never been the person to fry chicken dinners to raise money, perform fundraisers or any funding to raise money for the church. His famous line “I BELIEVE GOD AND I’M HOLDIN’ ON AND WON’T LET GO” has proven true through the ups and downs of ministry. This Faith would lead him to the revelation of the true name God calls him. 

Vic Ford, Warren’s sister would constantly remind him to remember the meaning of his name because wealth is on his life, but as all big brother’s do he shrugged it off. Also his heart has never been about money or titles. One day a millionaire, looked at him and said “GOD CALLS YOU THE WEALTH CONNOISSEUR”! 

From that day, Apostle would receive multiple confirmations that God had changed his name and he needs to walk in it with boldness. 

God took a tarnished name, cleaned it up and then gave it back to him.  God took him from called and accused by people with lies of being a CON-MAN  and a CON-VICT to NOW being known and respected as The WEALTH CONNOISSEUR!

Eventually, Warren fully walked in his calling and now owns land, several businesses, travels the world speaking and gives thousands of dollars per year back to the community of Wilmington with his wife Miriam and children.